Life is fun, wild, and potentially dangerous. Here are a few ground rules to ensure everybody has the most fun and the fewest injuries.

#1 start in a way that lets people get out of the way if they prefer. Starting living a life is probably the most dangerous part of life because people can find themselves alive against their will.

#2 The safest time to start a life is with a small group of your own friends. Others can join when they see the fun, but they will at least know what they are getting themselves into.

#3 Pick a good place for living. Don't start a life too close to the ocean. You still want to be in the crowd, so that other potential life livers can find you.

#4 If you see someone on the floor, try to help them get up as soon as possible so they are not trampled. A life doesn't always stay within its boundaries, so people around the edges are likely to be bumped around.

#5 Make noise as desired. You are always welcome to yell or give a hearty battle cry when entering life.

<3 rearranging memories <3 still feelin this <3 still loving you <3

Wir° lit lit lieben!
reiben uns auf, helfen uns raus
aus dem Stillstand versorgen

bewegen uns gegen~ und im Sinne der Zeit
manchmal geborgen entzückt
zittern und beben
träumen von cash
von liebe
vom autonomen Leben.